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  • Rachmat Black Rachmat Black
    September 30 2015 11:08am
    7-8 November 2015 Pantai Losari Makassar , south sulawesi, indonesia more information : +6581525800306 mail :
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  • Анна Новицкая Анна Новицкая
    September 22 2015 04:13pm
    Мы открываем новую страницу Вконтакте посвященную гребному спорту и в Facebook Будем рады видеть вас в нашем сообществе!
    Академия гребного спорта

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  • Kevin Gale Kevin Gale
    September 21 2015 03:57pm
    A big thanks to friends & family! A great back to the routine life - the glow of the Gold medals not likely to fade; already feeling the 'burn' inside for reaching my next level in International Dragon Boat Federation Dragon Boat Racing. International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF)
    Gale a force for national paddling team

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    • Peter Millican
      Peter Millican We're so very proud of you Kev, all that effort and dedication, and it paid off, wow ! You are an inspiration to us other 50 somethings ! Jane and Peter
      September 21 2015 03:57pm
    • Janet Doran
      Janet Doran Way to go Kevi!!
      September 21 2015 03:57pm
    • Giles Platford
      Giles Platford big respect to you Kevin, for discovering new skills and passions at an age when some start taking it easy!
      September 21 2015 03:57pm
    • Michael Totzke
      Michael Totzke Of COURSE they can't resist using FORCE with GALE! ;-)
      September 21 2015 03:57pm
    • Rino Andreoli
      Rino Andreoli good job Kevin, you certainly worked hard at it! Cheers!
      September 21 2015 03:57pm
    • Russell Gale
      Russell Gale Very proud big bro xxx
      September 21 2015 03:57pm
    • Kevyn Tapp
      Kevyn Tapp Still got competition running in those veins.... Go on Neville est
      September 21 2015 03:57pm
    • Edna R. Dela Cruz
      Edna R. Dela Cruz congrats in your team...May the Lord Bless you all.
      September 21 2015 03:57pm
    • Michael Sim
      Michael Sim Sleeping in the van to make morning practice....THAT'S DEDICATION!!
      September 21 2015 03:57pm
    • Carol Spain
      Carol Spain A very nice report Kevin... You forgot to mention to the reporter that the women were an impressive bunch that in some cases had bigger biceps than their male counterparts. Heh heh heh.
      September 21 2015 03:57pm
  • Deutscher Drachenboot Verband e. V. Deutscher Drachenboot Verband e. V.
    September 10 2015 08:37pm
    Die offizielle Einladung der International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) und das Bulletin 1 für CCWC 2016 in Adelaide sind in unserem Download-Bereich verfügbar #CCWC
    Downloads | DDV e.V.

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  • Earlin Semone Stanford Earlin Semone Stanford
    September 8 2015 12:51am
    Hello good day, any confirmation of date and location of the 12th World Nations Championships?
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  • Rhowie Enriquez Rhowie Enriquez
    August 27 2015 08:26am
    Sharing photos of the 2015 IDBF Congress in Welland, Canada from Philippine Dragon Boat Federation
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  • Stan Walton Stan Walton
    August 27 2015 01:51am
    VENDORS DENIED ACCESS TO ATHLETES AT WORLD DRAGON BOAT CHAMPIONSHIPS As an athlete I was extremely proud of all my Canadian Sr C crew this past week at the World Dragon Boat Championships, winning 7 gold medals to go with a silver and bronze. But I’m also a vendor, owner of a Canadian family run business that purchased space at the Championships, where things were very different. In an effort to stay focussed as an athlete and not be a distraction to my team mates, I have not gone public about how vendors have been treated over the past 2 weeks, by Canal Corp staff and Dragon Boat Canada until the last 72 hours.............. The support from the paddling community that were informed has been humbling,” THANK YOU”. For a 10' x 10 ' space we were charged $1,000.00. I saw that as an opportunity to support the sport I love and grow the Walton Sports brand internationally, stocking up accordingly. On arriving, there was to be name tags for my staff... WRONG, "your booth will be located outside the perimeter fencing of the facilities and your staff will not be allowed inside the grounds unless they pay. “WHAT?” The athletes are our target market, if they can’t access the area , no sales, no future. Discussions around relocation with facilities staff and Dragon Boat Canada brass over the past 10 days went NOWHERE. They were told the results would “KILL MY BUSINESS” – no action, they don't get it, they don't care. The International Dragon Boat Federation representatives that I spoke to said they had no input and no idea of the situation (if they were part of the decision, shame on them too!) The larger businesses were located at the hub of the facility in the plaza, where they belong. These are good businesses that also support the sport and good people that run them - no axe to grind here - I wish them well. But repeated requests for re-location of my company, Walton Sports resulted in an option to move in a less favourable location without power again, outside the perimeter fence. The businesses that were located in the isolated area to the south of the racecourse outside the security fencing are suffered BIG time... they lost thousands and are upset! I put up a $300 promotional bannerstand with an arrow pointing to our booth at the athlete marshalling area exit attached zip tied to the inside of the fence. I was told to “REMOVE IT NOW!” I attached it to the outside of the same fence and later in the day found it folded on the ground, the hardware ruined. Most athletes dropping by in the last 2 days of competition said "I had no idea you were here. Why aren't you where the athletes are?" Believe me we tried and tried but it's obvious the “Shoreline Market & Expo” was a cash grab by those in charge of the event who could care less about our return on investment. As Official Merchandise supplier to DBC 2012-14, Walton Sports provided $10,000.00 in cash on commission sales, donated a National Championship trophy, provided staff with apparel and loads of freebees at events, $10 off on product to volunteers at Nationals etc etc. I was happy to do it, happy to help out. It helped to grow the sport and I love seeing people "light up" when they get new merchandise, even if my margins are less than the others. The results of the past week as predicted have been devastating and will likely mean the end of Walton Sports with thousands of dollars in lost revenues. Products had to be so heavily discounted just to maintain any cash flow and pay staff. I hope festival organizers across the country and around the world learn from this mistake and include vendors in their planning. If you want their support, give them a fighting chance, please. So next year when you are at a regatta in Canada and you need a seat cushion or a paddle, I hope there will be someone there to serve you, I hope it’s me, but not likely………….
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  • Richard Smith Richard Smith
    August 26 2015 02:04pm
    The entire recording of the TV broadcast of the WNDBC 2015 in Welland is available to watch at
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